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SAC Leadership Trainings

Stay up to date on the latest trends and strategies to improve your church women's ministries.  These trainings are designed to empower and equip women to use their gifts in ministry and plan effective ministries meeting the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of women.

Mother and Baby on Floor

February 29

7:00 PM EST Virtual

Leadership Training

Learn how to effectively plan a community baby shower and diaper drive, maternity care initiatives, mom small groups, and SAC Sister Circles

March 14

7:00 PM EST Virtual

Leadership Training

Learn more how small group initiatives can grow your ministry and ways to address women's mental health in your church and community. 

Female College Students
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April 28 - 30

Atlanta, GA

SU WM Evangelism Training

Join us in-person for an extensive evangelism training for women's ministries leaders with Evangelist Roger Henandez 

Register by March 1

NAD Passionate Leadership Training

Coming Soon to SAC

Continue your growth as a passionate leader by attending the newly launched NAD Passionate Leader Training coming to our conference this year.  

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