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Nurture women's ministries addresses the spiritual, physical, and social needs of women in the church.  This includes bibles studies, new believers classes, small groups, etc.



Empower women's ministries recognizes that women have many talents and gifts of the spirit, therefore, women are assisted in discovering, developing, and utilizing their gifts in ministry.



Outreach women's ministries provides opportunities and resources to reach women in the community who need a touch from Jesus.

Women's Ministries Retention

What is a retention project?  Here are some ideas...

Post-baptismal/New Believers Class – Women’s Ministries should assist the church administration in organizing classes to promote the teaching of advanced Bible doctrine, history and organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, prophecies, health reform, stewardship, and other topics about the Church.

Small Groups – Organize and promote meetings which provide friendly relationships along with moments of prayer and praise. It is crucial to plan time for friendship and companionship. The need for small group fellowship is also true for long-term members.

Secret Prayer Sisters – This project could last at least one month. The names of the recently baptized women are handed out to the women who have been members of the church for some time. During this month, these women will be praying in the morning and in the afternoon for the spiritual strengthening of the new members. At the end of the month a special meeting will be held to reveal the secret prayer sisters. An opportunity will be given for testimony regarding the prayers that have been answered.

Mentoring – Seasoned church members have the responsibility for mentoring new members and developing abiding friendships. Ideas for “special care” mentoring begin with showing genuine concern for the new believer’s spiritual walk, sharing experiences and wisdom from the mentor’s own spiritual journey, giving Adventist books, sending cards of encouragement, and inviting new believers to share meals of fellowship. New members need to be included with established members in many and varied activities.

Discipleship – This is the most important phase of Retention Ministry. The newcomers are taught to witness for Christ and to serve the Lord according to their spiritual gifts. The projects Woman to Woman and Am I My Sister's Keeper? have an important role in leading new members into small group fellowship and teaching them to witness for Christ to their relatives and friends.


May God bless us as we grow in the Holy Spirit toward Christ’s ideal followers. May God also bless the Church as it nurtures strong, healthy disciples.

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